Cranberry Powder

Cranberry Powder

Product Name: Cranberry Fruit Powder
Alias:Cranberry Powder / Cranberry Juice Powder
Botanical Source: Vaccinium oxycoccos
Water Solubility: 100%

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Product Details

Product Name: Cranberry Fruit Powder

Alias:Cranberry Powder / Cranberry Juice Powder

Botanical Source: Vaccinium oxycoccos

Water Solubility: 100%

Identification: TLC

Part Used: 100% Fruit

Certified Status: Kiwa BCS,Kosher,Halal

Application: Food & beverage,blend;It also can used as Auxiliary materials on food and health food etc. 

Processing Steps: Grinding fruit bodies , squeeze juice ,filtering,concentration, spraying drying, sieving and pulverizing,detecting,packing,warehouse.

Grade: 100% Natural & Authentic

Appearance:Red Fine Powder


1.made under low temperature, rich in vitamins and nutritive elements.

2.100% made by cranberry juice, have good soubility in water.


1. Anti-oxident.

2. Enhance the immune system ability.

3. Help to prevent various free radicals related diseases.

4. Enhance flexibility of arteries and veins and blood capillary.

5. Resistance to the effect of radiation.

Genetic modification / irradiation / general statements:

This product was genetically modified:           No

This product was produced from GMO raw materials:        No

This product was irradiated:                No

This product contains nanoparticles:           No

This product is safe for human consumption:             Yes











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