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What Is Apple Extract ?
- Jun 04, 2018 -

What Is Apple Extract ?

Apple belongs to the rosaceae, it is the most widely grown and largest fruit in the world. It taste sweet, juicy, and rich of nutrition. Apple extract is made comes from apple fruit and peel. The major active ingredients of apple extract are apple polyphenols, phloretin and phloridzin.

Apple polyphenols is bioavailable and it can provide the protection throughout the body against the damages of free radicals and oxygen reactive species,  which can wreak havoc on major biochemical molecules like the DNA. It's also good raw material to for skin protection against the damaging sunlight. 

Functions And Benefits Of Apple Extract With Polyphenols Phlorizin Phloretin

1. Apple extract powder can reduce risk of cancer. 

2. Apple extract has powerful antioxidant activity. 

3. Natural apple extract can reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. 

4. Apple extract has the function of inhibition of lipid oxidation. 

5. Apple extract has the cholesterol lowering property. 

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Green Apple Extract

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