Hulled Hemp Seed

Hulled Hemp Seed

Hulled Hemp seeds, or hemp hearts, are the hulled seeds of the hemp plant, or Cannabis sativa L. It is actually one of the most widely utilized and diverse industrial crops in the world.

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Hulled Hemp Seeds

Hulled Hemp seeds, or hemp hearts, are the hulled seeds of the hemp plant, or Cannabis sativa LIt is actually one of the most widely utilized and diverse industrial crops in the world. Its fibers are considered the longest and most durable of all natural fibers, and it can even be grown without deadly herbicides and pesticides. The seed contains a rich amount of fatty acid and only trace amounts of THC (No more than 0.2ppm)and is used for many commercially manufactured products. It is safe and very healthy to eat.

Benefits of hulled Hemp Seeds 

1. Rich in GLA 

Gamma-Linolenic acid (GLA) is a necessary building block for some prostaglandins — hormone-like chemicals in the body that help smooth muscles, control inflammation and body temperature, and are vital to other body functions. Researchers have surmised that GLA supplementation is necessary for proper hormone health, which is probably why many women suffering from PMS symptoms have been helped by it.

2. Arthritis and Joint Pain

Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil can be helpful in relieving rheumatoid arthritis symptoms showed by Research.

3. Weight Loss

Hemp is a natural appetite suppressant and can help you feel full longer and reduce sugar cravings. 

4. Digestive Health 

High in insoluble and soluble fiber, hemp seeds provide more than enough bulk to keep your gastrointestinal system regular. Additionally, this healthy mixture of roughage feeds the probiotics in your gut and helps secure a robust immune system.

5. Hair, Skin and Nails

Hemp seed benefits for skin and hair go a long way in improving dry, red, flaking skin. Mostly used in high-end cosmetic products, hemp oil is oftentimes included in lip balms, lotions and soaps. The oil in hemp seeds penetrates the inner layers of the skin and promotes healthy cell growth — the recipe for smooth, soft skin.

6. Heart Health

Some of the key ingredients in building a healthy heart include fiber, plant-based protein, healthy fats and eating less sugar. Hemp seeds help in doing all of those things. Research in animals and humans strongly suggests that hemp seeds can improve cardiovascular health and high blood pressure.

                                                                 Specification Sheet of  Hulled Hemp Seed                                                                   

Product characteristicsProduct profile
DescriptionHulled Hemp Seed DescriptionLight Greenish to white grain
Botanical SourceCannabis sativa L. subsp. sativaIdentificationPositive
Plant part usedseedOdor&tasteCharacteristic
Gluten-FreeYesHeavy metalsNMT10 ppm
IrradiationNoLeadNMT2 ppm
MicrobiologicalArsenicNMT2 ppm
Total plate countNMT 10,000 cfu/gCadmiumNMT2 ppm
Yeast & MoldNMT 1,000 cfu/gMercuryNMT1 ppm
E. ColiNegativePesticide ResidueUSP<561>
SalmonellaNegativePackaging25kg net / drum
S. aureusNegativeStorageKeep container unopened in cool, dry place.
Shelf life24 months from date of production

Flow Chart of Hulled Hemp Seeds

Hulled Hemp Seeds

Hulled Hemp Seeds

Hulled Hemp Seeds

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