Reishi Mushroom Extract

Reishi Mushroom Extract

Product Name: Reishi mushroom extract ( Ganodorma Lucidum Extract)
Alias:Reishi mushroom powder / Organic Reishi mushroom / Reishi / Reishi Powder / Reishi extract / Reishi Mushroom
Botanical Source: Ganodorma lucidum
Specification: 30% Polysaccharide

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Product Details

Product Name: Reishi mushroom extract ( Ganodorma Lucidum Extract)

Alias:Reishi mushroom powder / Organic Reishi mushroom / Reishi / Reishi Powder / Reishi extract / Reishi Mushroom

Botanical Source: Ganodorma lucidum

Specification: 30% Polysaccharide

Carrier: None

Identification: TLC

Testing Method: UV

Part Used: 100% Fruit bodies

Extraction Ratio: 15:1

Extraction Solvents: Water

Certified Status: Kiwa BCS,Kosher,Halal

Processing Steps: Grinding fruit bodies to powder, metal detection ferrous 0.5-2mm, extracting with hot water, filtering, concentration, membrane separation, spray-drying

Grade: 100% Natural & Authentic

Organic production according to Article 29(1) of Regulation (EC) No.834/2007 and  US National Organic Program (NOP) 7 CFR  Part 205


1.It has the effect of lowering serum total cholesterol , protecting liver and its detoxification; 

2.It has the function of improving immunity;

3.It has the effect of reducing H2O2 so that it can defer senility.

Genetic modification / irradiation / general statements:

This product was genetically modified:           No

This product was produced from GMO raw materials:        No

This product was irradiated:                No

This product contains nanoparticles:           No

This product is safe for human consumption:             Yes










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