Sea Buckthorn Extract

Sea Buckthorn Extract

Product Name: Sea Buckthorn Extract
Botanical Source: Hippophae rhamnoides L.
Specification: 10%,20%,30% Flavones
Part Used: Fruit

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Product Details

Product Name: Sea Buckthorn Extract

Botanical Source: Hippophae rhamnoides L.

Specification: 10%,20%,30% Flavones

Part Used: Fruit

Extraction Solvent: Ethanol & Water

Appearance: Yellowish brown powder

Identification: HPTLC

Test Method: UV

Packaging: 25kg/drum


1.Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) in the genus Hippophae, family Elaeagnaceae, is mainly distributed in north, northwest and northeast of China.

2.Sea buckthorn contains rich protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, mineral substances, among which, the content of VC, VE and VA is nearly the most among all fruits and vegetables, especially the content of VC, the content of VC is 3-4 times of kiwifruit, 10-15 times of orange, 20 times of hawthorn, 200 times of grape.

3. In addition, there also contains some vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, K, D, folic acid, niacinamide, and 24 trace elements etc (phosphor, ferrum, magnesium, manganese, kalium, calcium silicate, copper etc). So it is called vitamin’s treasury. 


1.Enhanced immune function, can improve the cardiovascular system and anti-tumor.

2.Sea buckthorn oil and fruit juice can resist tiredness, reduce blood fat, resist radiation and ulceration, protect the liver, enhance the immunity and so on.

3.It has the function of relieving a cough, eliminating sputum, relieving dyspepsia, promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis.

4.It can be used for a cough with copious whitish viscid sputum, indigestion and abdominal pain, amenorrhoea and ecchymosis, injury due to falling.

5.It can be used for improving the cardiac muscle microcirculation, reducing the cardiac muscle oxygen consumption capacity and diminishing inflammation and so on.

Genetic modification / irradiation / general statements:

This product was genetically modified:           No

This product was produced from GMO raw materials:        No

This product was irradiated:                No

This product contains nanoparticles:           No

This product is safe for human consumption:             Yes

NutraValley Advantages:

1. This product we sell to Europe very well, 100% natural and authentic quality,never adulterate other source of botanicals to seek more profits.

2. Can pass HPTLC for ID testing.

3. Pesticide Residue comply to USP<561> and EU regulation.










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