Wolfberry Extract

Wolfberry Extract

Product Name: Wolfberry Extract
Alias:go ji Extract / Goji Berry Extract
Botanical Source: Lycium barbarum L.
Specification: 40%,50% Polysaccharide

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Product Details

Product Name: Wolfberry Extract

Alias:go ji Extract / Goji Berry Extract

Botanical Source: Lycium barbarum L.

Specification: 40%,50% Polysaccharide

Part Used: Fruit

Extraction Solvent: Water

Appearance: Light yellow brown powder

Identification: HPTLC

Test Method: UV

Packaging: 25kg/drum

Grade: 100% Natural & Authentic


1.Chinese wolfberry extract contains a large number of protein, amino acids, vitamins and iron, zinc, phosphorus,

calcium and other human essential nutrients.

2. It has the pharmacological functions of promoting and regulating immune function, protecting liver and anti-aging. 


1.Chinese wolfberry extract nourish the liver and kidney, and enrich the eyes.

2. Chinese wolfberry extract has the promotion effect on the immunity, and it has the function of immunomodulation.

3. Chinese wolfberry extract can increase the level of hormone and play a strong role.

4 .Chinese wolfberry extract can promote the function of hematopoiesis;

5. Chinese wolfberry extract has significant white cell effect.

Genetic modification / irradiation / general statements:

This product was genetically modified:           No

This product was produced from GMO raw materials:        No

This product was irradiated:                No

This product contains nanoparticles:           No

This product is safe for human consumption:             Yes

NutraValley Advantages:

1. Guarantee a 100% authentic quality of Lycium barbarum L. source, never adulterate other source of botanicals or additives,pigment or maltodextrin to increase the content of polysaccharide..

2. Can pass HPTLC for ID testing.










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